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Hightlights from Gartners Hype Cycle

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One highlight of the Hype Cycle is the quick adaptation for organisations to buy SaaS (Software as a Service) which allows Gartner to predict that more than 50% of companies will use SaaS applications by 2015. Another important highlight is that cloud email is expected to be used in 10% of organisations, which was a surprising drop since previous hype cycle forecasts where close to 20%.

The factors driving the SaaS adoption is the overcoming of IT and budget limitations and the increase in ‘big data’. Big data will have a strong impact within organisations in 2-5 years.
Markets of cloud management business processes are expected to increase annually by 25%. There has been an increase in the interest of cloud solutions for MDM (Master Data Management). The MDM cloud solutions involve the following leading suppliers: Cognizant, Data Scout, IBM, Informatica, Oracle and Orchestra Network.
One of the most notable highlights is that by 2014, the personal cloud is expected to replace the PC as the main data management for a user’s digital life. And an impressive 75% of enterprises surveyed by Gartner are planning to move to cloud computing by 2014.
When is your company planning to move to the cloud?

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august 27, 2012 kl. 12:47 pm

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