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Three in Four companies embracing the cloud

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Many are suggesting that cloud will take over as the new platform for storage, and many studies are now supporting it. A recent study shows that over three in four are going to embrace the cloud.   Source:

In a recent study by RHT (Robert Half Technology) it was found that only 23% of CIOs and IT directors around the UK have said that they are not planning to migrate their IT systems to the cloud.

Medium & Large companies leading the charge In addition, although many previous surveys suggested that smaller companies were among the first to migrate, RHT’s research shows that 38% of them are not likely to migrate. 92% of medium companies and 88% of large companies are embracing cloud.

Why? The research also shows that the main barrier to migrate is still security. 45% of the respondents not embracing the cloud said that it was their key concern. Other concerns included Data integrity, costs, speed of service and continuity of service.

RHT senior Manager Neil Hedges stated “It’s surprising that so many heads of IT appear to have not embraced the value of cloud technology, although this may be partly due to the lack of understanding of the benefits and how it can be applied to their organisation”.


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august 30, 2012 kl. 6:23 am

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