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Free Windows Server 2012 Q&A with Ed Baker

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Firebrand Training is hosting a free live Windows Server 2012 Q&A. It will be a one-hour Q&A session with Ed Baker – Firebrand’s Windows Server instructor.
The live video feed will be hosted on the Google+ page, on Thursday 6 September at 11.00am. To attend, follow Firebrand on Google+ (, then sign-up for free on the following link:
Ed Baker, as mentioned in the previous post, is currently in the top three UK Microsoft professionals on the MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy). He has earned an impressive 4001 points and a Platinum medal.
Don’t forget to ask Firebrand all your Windows Server 2012 questions below, or on the Facebook page.
You can also ask questions via Twitter (@BeAFirebrand) – include #server2012. Ask questions before, and on the day.

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september 4, 2012 kl. 7:15 am

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