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Microsoft renames Metro apps to Windows Store apps

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Microsoft has had to completely rename its ‘Metro’ apps when they came across a small problem last month.
Windows Store Logo
It turns out that the Metro name was already owned by a store in Germany which has been using it for over a year to ironically sell Windows 8.

They were left without an identity after realising that Microsoft were naming their new app design ‘Metro’. Because of this, the ‘Metro’ brand was completely abandoned, leaving thousands confused.

But they finally decided on a name. Metro will now be officially known as Windows Store.

This also affects the MCSD:  Metro Style Apps certification which has also been renamed to MCSD: Windows Store Apps.

In the video below, Antoine Leblond from Microsoft reveals additional information on the developer opportunity coming on Windows 8 with the Windows Store.


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oktober 2, 2012 kl. 1:07 pm

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